Sound clips from Boogie Nights

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Jack: Aim it at her tits.

Reed: We look like assholes right now man.

Reed: Let's go get some of that Saturday Night Beaver.

big cock.wav
The Colonel: Jack says you have a great big cock.
Dirk: Well, I don't know... I guess so.
The Colonel: May I see it?
Dirk: Really?
The Colonel: Please.

Amber: This is a giant cock.

Scotty: Fucking idiot, fucking idiot, fucking idiot, fucking idiot.

Dirk: You wanna see me kick some ass, I know fucking karate!

Dirk: You're not my boss, you're not the king of me, I'm the fucking king of Dirk.

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Dirk: I'm ready to shoot now. My cock is ready I wanna fuck, let's go.

Jack: I like simple pleasures like, butter in my ass and lollipops in my mouth.

Reed: I love you, you love me.
Going down the sugartree.
We'll go down the sugartree and see lot's of bee's
Playing... playing
But the bee's won't sting.
'Cause you love em'

Jack: Where you going?
Amber: I got to go wash my vagina.

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