Sound clips from Fletch

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Fletch: Oh c'mon guys, it's so simple, maybe you need a refresher course. It's all ball bearings these days.

Fletch: I'm, uh, Don Corleone...Mrs. Cavanaugh's cousin

Marvin: What in THE hell's the matter with you?

Fletch: You fellas wanna read me my rights?
Officer: You have the right to remain silent. You have the right to have your face kicked in by me. You have the right to have your balls stomped by him.
Fletch: I'll waive my rights.

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Fletch: Whew, thank you doc. You ever serve time?

Fletch: Give each other $20 OK? And put it on Underhill.
Waiter: Ahhh, Mucho Gracias.
Fletch: Tiera Del Fuego

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