Sound clips from The Big Lebowski

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The Dude: You got the wrong guy, I'm the dude, man.

The Dude: I'm the dude, so that's what you call me. Ya know uhhh, that or uhhh his dudeness or duder or el dudoreno if you're not into the whole brevity thing.

Nihilist: Where's the money? I want that money. Where's the money?
The Dude: It's down there somewhere, let me take another look.

The Dude: His wife goes out and owes money all over town and they pee on my rug.
Walter: They pee on your fucking rug.
The Dude: They peed on my fucking rug.
Walter: That's right dude, they peed on your fucking rug.

The Dude: Hey careful man there's a beverage here.

fuck it.wav
Walter: Fuck it dude, let's go bowling.

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The Dude: Jesus!
Jesus: You said it man, nobody fucks with the Jesus.

shut up.wav
Walter: Shut the fuck up Donnie!

The Dude: Just take it easy man.
Walter: I'm perfectly calm dude.
The Dude: Yeah, waving the fucking gun around.
Walter: Calmer than you are.
The Dude: Just take it easy.
Walter: Calmer than you are.

Walter: Smokey this is not Nam this is bowling, there are rules.

Walter: Am I wrong?
The Dude: No, you're not wrong.
Walter: Am I wrong?
The Dude: You're not wrong Walter, you're just an asshole.
Walter: Okay then.

Walter: Smokey my friend, you're entering a world of pain.
The Dude: Walter man.
Walter: You mark that frame an 8 you're entering a world of pain. A world of pain.

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