Sound clips from Training Day

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Alonzo: Aww you mother fuckers. Ha ha ha. Ok... A'ight.

Alonzo: You do have a dick don't ya?
Jake: Yes sir.
Alonzo: OK. Dick lines up straight like that, right? To the right of it and the left of it are pockets, right? In those pockets are money. Look in either one of em, pay the bill.

Alonzo: You disloyal, fool ass, bitch made punk.

Jake: I want justice.
Alonzo: Is that not justice?
Jake: Street justice.
Alonzo: What's wrong with street justice?
Jake: Oh what? Just let the animals wipe themselves out.
Alonzo: God willing. Fuck em', and everybody who looks like em.

Alonzo: King Kong ain't got shit on me!

Alonzo: Why ya wanna be a narc?
Jake: I wanna make detective.
Alonzo: There ya go. You can do it. Stick with me, you can do it. Unlearn that bullshit they teach you at the academy though, don't bring none of that shit in here. That sht will get you killed out here.
Jake: I will do anything you want me to do.
Alonzo: My nigga. Roll your window down, start there.

Alonzo: It's not what you know, it's what you can prove.

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Alonzo: You're so in love the shtt's coming outta your eyes. The day you bring your old lady to the office is the day that you don't make it back home. You gotta hide that love deep inside you, ya understand? Otherwise these maggots out here on the street they'll find it, they'll use it against you, and they will chew you up. Never wear that wedding ring to work.

Alonzo: Tell me a story.
Jake: Like my story?
Alonzo: No, not your story, a story. Since you can't keep your mouth shut long enough for me to read my paper, tell me a story.
Jake: I don't think I know any stories.
Alonzo: You don't know any stories?
Jake: Nah.
Alonzo: All right, I'll tell you a story. This is a newspaper, right? It's 90% bullshit, but it's entertaining. That's why I read it, because it entertains me. You won't let me read it, so you entertain me with your bullshit. Tell me a story right now. Go.

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